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Narrative Essay Example is Perfect Inspiration

As a way of descriptive writing, the narrative style gives every writer an opportunity to write about themselves. Everyone has certain memories which are worth of telling people. However, not everyone can focus on one memory which makes writing a narrative essay complicated. That is why our essay shark company can provide you with personal narrative essay examples, which will help you create a perfect essay.

Remember writing a narrative essay means telling a story. If you check our narrative essay examples, you will see that they are told from certain point of view, it can be author’s or somebody’s else. It helps to create specific feeling for the reader to be involved in the story. It is important to use precise verbs. Such essays make a point of view which is often presented by opening sentence. However, sometimes one can express it at the end of the opening paragraph.

Examples of narrative essays help to understand that such papers describe personal experience and are often in a story form. If one applies such technique, he/she cannot ignore all storytelling conventions. They are the following: plot, characters, setting, climax, and of course ending. Narrative essay example is usually full of details which provide explanation, support as well as make the story brighter. Such details should be related to the writer’s main point.

When using our example of a narrative essay, you will see that it has the following features:

  • Contains certain point of view;
  • Is full of details;
  • Details included support the main point;
  • Uses precise verbs;
  • Has plot, characters, setting, climax and ending;
  • May have dialogues.

Every example of narrative essay has a purpose to describe something. Some students think that narrative reports and college essays or papers are the same task. However, it is worth noting that narrative reports do not include "higher order thinking" which is required for college papers. As a result, narrative essays do not bring high grades for many students. Book report is a perfect example of a narrative report as it contains the plot, the characters, and even some scenes. Book report usually provides a description of the events present in the book.

However, it is important to note that author’s point of view is often overlooked in the narrative reports.

In order to write an interesting narrative report, one should keep in mind the following:

  1. Readers must be involved in the story. The recreation of an incident is more interesting for the reader then just telling about it. 
  2. The generalization which supports the story should be found. It will help the readers to find the meaning of author’s personal experience. The generalization has to be related to the author, men or women of different ages and from various backgrounds.
  3. It is vital to remember that the story is the major component of narration. However, details must be included in order to explain and support the story.

Narrative Essays Conventions

When writing a narrative essay, do not forget about the following conventions:

  • Usually, narratives are written in the 1st person but third person is also allowed to be used.
  • Narratives should include concrete details to support author’s point of view. Such details help create a unified effect as well as a dominant impression.
  • Narrative stories should also have the following conventions: plot, setting, characters, climax, and conclusion.

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