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Useful Tips: How to Write an Essay Outline

Each and every writing project should be properly structured. An essay outline helps to organize a paper and ensures the logical flow of thoughts. It is possible to presume that an outline is a cornerstone of any assignment. We have compiled the list of six easy steps that can assist you in outlining a paper:

  1. Choose an essay topic. If a professor has not given any topic, a student should choose it by him or herself. In this case, one is supposed to focus on the subject’s aspects that seem the most interesting to discuss.
  2. Establish an explicit goal of assignment. The aim of paper depends on its type. Each type of assignment has its own goal: to conduct an in-depth research analyzing certain topic, compare and contrast two or more things, critically review an issue, etc. For example, if you should prepare an argumentative essay outline, the primary goal is to present certain side of an argument and convince a reader of it using persuasive evidence.
  3. Determine the main areas. You should choose at least three key areas or main issues that will be analyzed in your writing task. Put them down.
  4. Look for the reliable sources. The arguments should be properly supported with the help of solid evidence. Thus, the sources used in the paper are supposed to be academic, sophisticated, and appropriate. Statistical data, dates, and facts must be relevant to the discussed points. If you decide to use some electronic source, do not forget to indicate its link. As for the books, journals, and other printed documents, page numbers are also required. Before preparing a persuasive essay outline, you should pay close attention to the examples that can logically support your claim.  
  5. Consider how to arrange supporting evidence. By and large, the main goal of examples used in the assignment is to persuade the reader of something. Thus, one should start with the strongest evidence. You should not forget that the used arguments are supposed to flow naturally. If you have no idea how an essay outline should look like, you can find an essay outline template at Professional essay shark writers have prepared few examples of outline for the convenience of our customers.
  6. Identify logical parts. You should try to divide your paper into logical parts. The latter may differ from the areas that are determined in the third step described above. All the identified parts should be related to the chosen topic of the assignment and include approximately equal number of examples. The outline will be separated into the aforementioned logical sections. At, you can also check our free essay outline example. It will help you to prepare a quality outline.
    In general, a narrative essay outline can be either simple or complicated. The first one consists of short phrases. As for the second type of outline, each section includes few full sentences. The first type is easier to write and is more flexible. However, the second type of outline is more elaborate; thus, it is considered more useful when preparing a paper as it helps to organize thoughts.  
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