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Tips for Writing a Good Essay Introduction

Tips for writing an effective essay and a great essay introduction:

  • Step One: Select a good, solid topic. To do this, generate some ideas on subject matter that interests you. This will make writing your essay and essay introduction easier.  
  • Step Two: From your list of topic ideas, whittle the number down to five at most.
  • Step Three: Choose your preferred topic from the list of five. Make sure you select a topic that is interesting, fun and appealing to the reader.
  • Step Four: Before you start to write your essay, develop a rough outline around the topic. This should help you decide whether the topic you have chosen is a good one or not. In any event, the outline will act as a guide when it comes to working out how to write an essay introduction and indeed the full essay.
  • Step Five: Once you are happy with the topic, you are ready to undertake any necessary research in order to get enough material to support it.
  • Step Six: You should organize all the research material you gather and compile an outline for your essay. This outline will provide a template for the final essay. Do not worry if you do not know how to create an outline because there are plenty good essay introduction examples available online, which you can use for reference purposes.
  • Step Seven: The writer can now use the outline to start writing the first draft of the essay.
  • Step Eight: Even though the first draft is just a rough copy, the writer should check it to ensure there are no grammar, spelling, language or sentence structure errors. This is something any good essay shark would advise you to do.  
  • Step Nine: Once any errors are identified and corrected, the writer can commence writing the final paper, starting with the essay introduction
  • Step Ten: The final essay should be carefully checked for errors as well. Where applicable, all errors should be corrected before the paper is turned in for your tutor to read and grade.

Why an Essay Introduction is Extremely Important
A lot of writers, no matter how good their knowledge is, have difficulties with preparing introduction. The fact is that many writers do not even know how to start an essay introduction. Here are some pointers:

  • An introduction provides the reader with an overview of what the essay is about and what the writer is going to discuss.
  • The following describes some of the information the introduction will provide the reader with:
    1. The topic or subject matter.
    2. A concise thesis statement.
    3. The key points that will support and give substance to the introduction essay topic.
    4. Describes the flow of the essay and its main points.
  • The thesis statement should make up the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.
  • An introductory paragraph should always be written in a manner that grabs the reader’s attention and maintains it throughout, right up to the conclusion at the end.
  • The writer should avoid adding too many “catchy” phrases in the introduction because these can have the effect of distracting the reader and causing them to lose interest. 
  • An essay should never end with the introduction.
  • An essay’s introduction should make the reader aware of what is occurring in the content or story.
  • An introduction should provide sufficient “meat” that the reader will want to read on to the end.
  • The main points related to the topic should always be outlined in the introduction.

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