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How to Prepare a Superior Paper on the Narrative or Descriptive Essay Topics

The first step towards preparing any writing project is to choose an interesting and sophisticated topic. Rather often, professors do not give certain theme and one is supposed to find it by him or herself. It does not matter whether you have to write on narrative or descriptive essay topics; this task is of cardinal importance despite the paper type.

By and large, the purpose of the assignment depends on its type. For example, if your task is to prepare a narrative essay, you will need to focus on a story and tell it using certain methods. The latter will help a reader or listener to gain insight or learn a lesson. If you have any difficulties with preparing this type of paper, our essay shark team will gladly lend you a helping hand. Thus, at, you can find a narrative essay example that is free of charge. It can be used as a template for your writing project.

In case you have to deal with the descriptive essays, your aim will be to describe a person, event, or object. It should be noted that the description is supposed to be very vivid. The point is that the described thing should seem real and a reader or listener could get the feeling that it is possible to reach it.

Helpful Tips for Writing Superior Assignments:

  • The story that you want to narrate should mean a lot to you. The reason is that it will be easier for you to tell about certain adventure using vivid images;
  • Do not mince your words and get right to the point. Long introduction and detailed descriptions can spoil the whole paper. Do not begin your assignment with unnecessary information;
  • Your story should have a point. Thus, add few words about valuable experience gained of it;
  • When describing characters, setting, and plot, all five senses should be displayed. It will help to make your story more honest. Telling the story in your own voice is a key to success.

If you have any doubts about the structure of the paper, you can always use our descriptive essay examples. On our website, one can look through the sample papers on different descriptive essay topics prepared by experienced and skilled writers. The mentioned examples can help you to excel at writing essays.

How to Make Your Description Vivid

If describing an event, object, or person seems burdensome to you, there is a way out. We have prepared the following chart that can help to overcome this problem. You should fill it in.

What did you smell?

What was the taste?

What did you see?

What did you hear?

What did you feel or touch?






The aforementioned facts will help to give a vivid picture of the described item. At, you can find superior personal narrative essay examples. All of them include the description of five senses.   

Concrete Details Are of Great Importance

Effective assignment allows a listener or reader to visualize everything that is described in their minds. Concrete language is more appropriate for narrative and descriptive essays than abstract ones. The table below can prove it.

Concrete Language

Abstract Language

…makes a character or event seem more real and clearer.

...makes an image difficult to imagine.

…provides information that can be easily grasped.

…leaves a listener or reader feeling empty and even confused.

One can conclude that abstract language should be avoided. You can consider the following phrases from the narrative essay examples:

Abstract: It was a nice evening.
Concrete: The evening sun slanted through the window warming my face. 

Abstract: Mrs. Fox was a very good teacher. 
Concrete: Mrs. Fox was a truly remarkable person, who possessed great gifts as a teacher. Services and Guarantees

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