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Descriptive Essay Example from Experts

Descriptive essay is the one that involves describing something, be it person, place, situation, emotion, etc. This kind of essay encourages students to provide a written description of specific experience. Moreover, it stimulates students to use all their descriptive writing skills. The main aim of descriptive essay is to present a vivid image of object or phenomenon to the audience. Descriptive essay is quite challenging, especially taking into account a huge amount of descriptive essay topics.

In order to write descriptive essays of high quality, students should clearly describe things so that readers can understand the content. If you don’t know how to create a good essay, you can always find descriptive essay examples at

Here you can find some tips for descriptive essay writing.

  • Invent some ideas

If your professor asks you to write a descriptive essay about a place, put down all your ideas before you begin description. For example, if you choose a square, you can start by writing down some words: clock, buildings, tower, city hall, trees, flowers, etc. After that, you can begin completing a description for all these words.

  • Use clear and vivid language

All information should be provided clearly. Words should be chosen carefully to make a right impression on the reader. Some words have the same meaning and you should choose those words that will be most relevant for your content.  

  • Use feelings!

Examples of descriptive essays show that in order to describe something, the writer should appeal to the feelings of readers. Remember to explain how the thing tasted, smelled, felt, looked, or sounded. Use senses to embellish the moment of description. If you describe feelings and emotions related to your topic, you can connect with readers at a deeper level. Many people have experienced joy, loss, satisfaction, anger, etc. We are the same and our emotions and feelings make us similar. Thus, to achieve full descriptive potential, tap into these emotions.

  • Leave a good impression

One of the main goals is to evoke positive feelings and interest in reader. Your essay should impress and inspire reader. In order to produce a high quality essay that will impress your professor, look through descriptive essay example at our site.

  • Be well-organized!

You should be well-organized to complete superior quality essay. Moreover, your essay should be properly structured with coherent and logical description.

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