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Tips on How to Create a 5 Paragraph Essay

A 5 paragraph essay is a commonly assigned task in college. Students have to write such papers in order to show their ability to organize and develop their ideas in writing. These essays should include five paragraphs: an introduction, a main body with three paragraphs, and a conclusion. It is a useful way to present your thoughts and provide a clear response to the question on an exam. To properly organize your ideas and structure the paper, you should create a 5 paragraph essay outline. If you don’t know how to write it, you can always ask our professional custom essay writing service for a piece of advice. We will help you understand the main points of a good essay. Here you will find useful information about how to write a 5 paragraph essay.   


The introduction begins with a general description of the subject and leads to a clear thesis, which should be provided at the end of the introduction. Sometimes, students should begin their papers with a surprising story or challenging question in order to grab reader’s attention. The thesis statement should be clear and strong. It should be provided in one sentence and briefly state the main goal of the paper. It is your overall argument.  

For instance, if you write about the importance of usage of airbags in cars, your introduction may start with some information on different car accidents. Then, you should present an idea that an airbag is the most effective safety device in the car. Finally, you have to state reasons for recommending airbags in cars. This will be your thesis. 

Three Paragraphs of Main Body

Each paragraph of main body should be focused on a certain idea and a statement that supports your thesis. All paragraphs should have a topic sentence, which is the main idea of each paragraph. Then you should discuss the main ideas with needed details and examples. You should try to present your ideas clearly in order to convince the reader.


The conclusion should begin with a restatement of your thesis. However, make sure to paraphrase your thesis, not just repeat it. After that, you should summarize the main points and emphasize on the significance of the topic. At the end, you should provide an idea you want to leave your readers with.


A good essay should flow smoothly. In order to achieve this, you should use transitions as they connect paragraphs with each other. You should strive to show the relationship between ideas. Avoid jumping from one idea to another. You have to make a transition between each paragraph. It is recommendable to use appropriate words and phrases to express the relationship between two sections. You should find the most relevant way to provide a connection between the main ideas. If you want to see how to smoothly connect two sections, you may look through a 5 paragraph essay template at is a top-notch, reliable company with many years of experience in writing industry. Only here you will find real essay shark writers who know how to help you achieve your goals. They can assist you in anything, be it an essay, research paper, dissertation, or a 5 paragraph essay example. Our professional custom writing service works for those students who are in need. If you are one of them, contact us and relieve your writing burden! Services and Guarantees

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