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Common App Essay tips

The new college season has almost started. The time to write common app essays has come. Students from all over the globe are about to begin writing their application essays because the topics have been approved. Some of the best essay sharks are ready to propose common app essay examples for the given topics. The new topics are interesting and thought provoking. Although common app essay prompts are quite flexible, it is always a good idea to know beforehand what they are about. The essay prompts help you speculate on personal aspects of your life, analyze yourself, and reflect upon your personality. The following five prompts provide great tips for accurate answers. You need to choose only one of them to answer. However, if you feel like challenging yourself, give a try to all prompts and see how it goes.

PROMPT #1: For some students it is of great importance to share their background, hobbies, interests, personal traits, or talents in their application because they consider it invaluable. If this is your case, you are welcome to tell about it.

This prompt gives students a wide range of stories to share. It is quite broad and gives opportunity to reveal better sides of your personality. This year common app essay questions are easy to adjust to. For example, the answer to this prompt can describe any accomplishments or memories that you think are important. Whether it is an extraordinary activity that you do as a hobby, or your fascination with unusual things around, it needs to be shared as an integral part of your personality.

PROMPT #2: Successful people learn from their failures. Describe your experience of failure, and how it affected you.  

When we talk about failure, we actually raise an issue of success. It is vital for students to demonstrate how they cope with various ordeals. In such a case, you need to highlight the key points of your experience, including the decisions you have made and the lessons you have learned. A common app essay on this topic has to display your good judgment and deep self-analysis. It cannot be trivial and petty. Reflecting on your failure experience, you should stay positive about the obstacles you had to overcome and demonstrate good attitude to the challenges in your life.

PROMPT #3: There are times when life challenges us to change our beliefs or ideas. Recount your decisions and actions in such a case. Tell why you would or would not act the same way.

This is one of the toughest common app essay topics. This prompt requires a person to be honest and passionate, express themselves concisely and not to preach. The answers here can be quite controversial and very personal. It is important to share your moral values and the ways you deal with the related challenges.

PROMPT #4: Provide a detailed description of a problem that you have sold or the one you would like to deal with. Define the algorithm you used to find a solution.  

This prompt challenges students to demonstrate their problem-solving abilities and reaction to stressful situations. While writing a common app essay on this topic, you have to think about a wide range of things: from something insignificant to something that might have changed your life. You can also speculate on changes you would make in the world. Your task is to expose important things about you to the admission committee and highlight the impact that the problem you describe had on you.

PROMPT #5: Describe an event or achievement that had an impact on your transition to maturity. Outline influences of your family, community, and culture in this period.

This prompt gives a perfect opportunity to interpret the notions of “event” and “achievement” in many ways. Your common app essay can be devoted to a simple yet memorable event that influenced you greatly. You should pay attention to the moments that marked your becoming adult, things that made you feel grown-up. It is important to follow the transformation steps and analyze the crucial milestones of your transition. Remember to be original and analytical in your writing. Services and Guarantees

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