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Unique Argumentative Essay Topics

Writing argumentative papers is one of the students’ tasks during studying. To write an argumentative essay may be challenging, especially considering a big amount of argumentative essay topics. Argument paper should present a strong claim; it is not a description paper, thus you should provide clear and persuasive arguments. Very often, students have problems with writing argumentative papers.

For instance, if you write an argument paper about adopting recycling programs, you should suggest specific ways of its adoption. Moreover, you should clearly provide arguments of the reasons why the program should be adopted. This is only one of the possible argument essay topics.

In order to write a high quality argument essay, you have to gather information and evidence so that to provide a strong argument on a disputable question. Wondering how you can understand that your topic is debatable? First of all, check your thesis statement. A statement of fact cannot be argued, thus your paper should have a strong position. You should ask yourself

  • Could people argue against your position? 
  • Is your argument based on scholarly evidence or non-credible sources? (You should do a quality research)
  • Is your argument specific enough?

Worried about how to write a good argumentative essay? Don’t worry as enormous amount of argumentative essay examples only a click away. Therefore, you can easily find useful information about how your argument essay should look like.

When you write argumentative essays, you should choose one side of the debatable issue and stick to it. Don’t be afraid to express your opinion since it is the main aim of such essays. To create a superior quality argument essay, you should use professional language, present evidence, facts, and statistics to support your claim, cite expert authors who support your position, and address the opposing side of the argument and refute the statement. Also there is some advice about things that should be avoided in argumentative essay writing. They are: don’t use phrases like “I think” or “I feel” since you should be assured in what you write; don’t use only moral and religious claim to support your argument; don’t claim that you are an expert that is why the audience should agree with you; and don’t strive to present others in a bad light.

Sometimes, students wonder why they should address opposing argument side. However, it is really needed and it can be seen in different examples of argumentative essays. If you address the opposing side of your claim, you will:

  • show a good understanding of the topic
  • demonstrate that you have no bias
  • increase reader’s trust in your position
  • be able to refute any argument of the opposition
  • strengthen your position by disproving the opposing one.

To address the opposing position, you should be well aware of their arguments and evidence. In other words, you should try to understand their position. In case of any problem while doing this task, you may try the following steps:

Jot down several good reasons why you support that particular side of the argument. 

  1. Find good reasons why you support your side of claim.
  2. Try to argue with yourself. 
  3. Take into account the audience. You should understand their background and way of thinking.
  4. Find the needed quotes from professionals, facts, and evidence that will help to refute the opposition points.
  5. Properly structure your paper so that it moves smooth transition from proving your arguments to rebutting those of your opponents.

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